Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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This project is to celebrate and embellish Wikipedia articles about the heritage and history of the U.S. state of Florida.

Please note this is not an official page of Viva Florida 500, the Florida State organization set up to organize the 2013 celebration. But we are friends of this organization and our purpose will be to embellish the many fine articles on Florida history at Wikipedia with new factual information.

This project's purpose is to increase our knowledge of Florida History by updating Wikipedia articles on Florida history. The scope is all of Florida's history including Native American, Afro-American, Spanish, French, British, Swedish, Italian, German, Cuban and many others. Our purpose is to research, rediscover and document forgotten Florida History. One of our participants Dr. Michael Francis, has his students who are trained in reading old Spanish going on a research mission to the Florida archives in Seville Spain. This opportunity provides a good example on how we use our state's anniversary to add to Florida History by finding and researching old manuscripts.

We invite historians, archivists, archeologists, anthropologists, writers, researchers, history buffs, anybody interested in restoring Florida history to this Wikipedia Project.

As mentioned earlier focus is more than just Spanish history in Florida, as it will be inclusive of the heritage of many other Florida cultures to celebrate our state's diversity. Our historical interests are broad as we can also include other pioneers from other states too, such as Georgia, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Connecticut etc..

Check out the following ongoing projects. If you would like add something add a link
to the comments section below or send email.

Pages at Wikipedia we are working on.

The main Wiki Landing Page

Our plan is to add a Florida A1A Page here.

Alvaro Mexia an ongoing project, some team members are planning a researchtrip to Seville Spain and our hope is to find and add more information about this explorer and the people he met.

Florida History

Indigenous peoples of Florida

Key West

Afro-American History of Florida
Create a new Afro-Americans in Florida page. Many good wiki articles links to add to it could include but not limited to the Siege_of_Fort_Mose , Zora_Hurston, Harry Tyson Moore

Some may ask, "Why Wikipedia?" Many reasons, here are a few.

1) If you ever do a keyword search on your favorite history topic you will see that wikipedia
articles rank highest.

2) It is open to everyone and there are discussion pages to keep information accurate.

Be sure to watch this page for new developments and new projects by becoming a follower. This way updates will be sent to you. Do you know a history topic that more should be written about?
This is the place.

Historically yours,

Ray Osborne



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